•    Anointing, a Biblical Practice   

    There are three biblical instances for anointing.

    • The first is for restoration.
      This anointing would restore moisture to a travelers skin after a long journey in the hot, dry climate of Palestine.
    • The second is for sanctification.
      This one is to set someone apart for a particular work or service.  Saul was anointed when Israel demanded a king. (1 Samuel 8:4-22; 10:1) David was anointed as king after Saul, and after him, Solomon.
    • The third is for healing. In the new testament Jesus’ disciples anointed the sick(Mark 6:13). James also instructed the elders of the church to anoint the sick with oil that they would be healed.(James 5:14).

    It’s God’s desire for everyone’s relationship with Him to be restored. Not only does God want restoration, He wants you to prosper in health as well as your soul (3 John 1:2). He also wishes to sanctify, set you apart, from all evil and worldliness, unto Himself, that at His coming you may be holy in body, spirit and soul, blameless in every way.(1Thessalonians 5:23)