•    Paths   

    An old proverb says the longest journey begins with the first step.

    Our life is a journey and we have to walk the path God has for us. While we may
    not know what that path is, God does. He says “I alone know the plans I have
    for you…” Jeremiah 29:11(GNB). He will lead us down the right path. All He
    requires of us is to walk with Him one step at a time. Don’t try to anticipate
    the next step or to run ahead of Him. Concentrate on staying in step with Him.

    When we first begin the journey the path is easy going and as we walk along we
    see a huge mountain ahead of us. While we’re looking at it we stumble along the
    easy path thinking about how to get over the mountain. From our perspective all
    we see is the mountain and wonder how to get around it. God already knows. He
    may take us on a path around the mountain or He may want us to climb it. If
    we’re to climb it He will provide us with everything we need and protect us.

    While walking the path God has set before us and we stumble, He will help us
    back up. When He does, don’t worry about the mountains ahead especially since
    we don’t know what will happen today, and even less about tomorrow.

    Keep your mind on the present journey and walk by faith and not by sight (2
    Corinthians 5:7 NKJV) and enjoy your journey with God.