•    It’s Not Fair   

    We’ve all heard it or said it at one time or another. “It’s not fair!”  That phrase comes to mind when someone gets away with something and doesn’t get what they deserve.  Kids hate to see their sibling get away with the same things they themselves were punished for. Perhaps this is why they are so quick to tattle on each other.  As adults we are not very different. In our way of thinking, fairness means that sinners should be punished and we, the good people, deserve to be commended.  If God was to be fair we would all deserve His judgment.  We can be thankful that He isn’t. “He has not dealt with us according to our sins, Nor punished us according to our iniquities. “ (Psalm 103:10) We should be glad that God has chosen to be merciful and extend grace to us. It is God’s desire that we become like Him and show mercy towards those who offend us.

    It’s not because of God’s fairness but His mercy that He reaches out to us. I’m thankful God wasn’t fair with me but merciful.