•    Seed for Thought   

    The presence of Christ in us means we have God’s authority. When Jesus gave the last commission to His disciples He said “All authority has been given to me…go therefore…lo, I am with you always.” Matthew 28:18-20 Christ’s presence guarantees that we will have all that is needed to fulfill His purpose for us. With His presence He gives -

    • Security to the discouraged. Genesis 28:15
    • Encouragement to God’s people. Hebrew 13:5,6
    • Strength to the warrior. Joshua 1:8
    • Comfort to the timid. Jeremiah 1:8
    • Victory to the tempted. Genesis 39:2-21
    • Confidence to the servant. Matthew 28:20;Philippians 4:13
    • Rest to the pilgrim. Ex33:14

    Contributed by: Ronnie Bergeron